Why do you choose us?

  • Dental Implants at our center is performed by highly trained and experienced Implants Surgeon.
  • Qualified with advanced training and constant innovation we achieve the best results both functionally & Aesthetically giving you the most life like experience you could ever achieve.
  • With hundreds of implants placed to individuals across the globe we have a success rate of 98%
  • We use only globally accepted and available impalnt systems like ADIN, MYRIAD, OSSTEM, BIOHORIZON, NOBEL BIOCARE and many more.
  • All Implants placed at our Dental center comes with a LIFE-TIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY.
  • Our prices are most competitive compared to all the Dental center across the globe and also in India.
  • As we do Implants on a large scale we are able to book & purchase them on cheaper rates and hence we pass the benifits directly to our patients.
  • With the founder and chief Dentist himself as Implantologist we have a round the clock care.
  • Highly trained surgeous help us to successful place implants using modern techniques like IMMEDIATE LOADING, ALL ON 4, ALL ON 6, MINI IMPLANTS, BASAL IMPLANTS, ONE-VISIT IMPALNTS etc.

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