Dental SPA and Treatment

Adding Luxury to your dental experience. Dental spa is an exclusive concept presented to you by Dr. Teeth. Years of experience shows us that majority people avoid dental treatment because they are either scared about the treatment or its too uncomfortable.

Relaxation therapy is the best way to tackle it. We offer to you for the first time a dental spa where you can have your dental treatment done with a luxurious spa experience.

First, we start with a professional cleaning of your teeth. This is regularly processed using 2 different techniques

  • Ultrasonic cleaning & 3d brushing.
  • Water flossing.

This shall take approximately 25 minutes.

Second, we whiten your teeth with a 100% safe and approved whitening agent. Keeping is mind individuals needs of a patient. We guarantee you minimum 5 shades whiter teeth. This shall take approximately 30 minutes.

Third to brighten your smile we desensitize sensitive teeth and strength them with minerals. This shall take approximately 20 minutes.