Dental Tourism

Why do you choose us?

  • Strict Sterilisation and Infection control protocol at par to all standards set by International guidelines.
  • Highly trained and experienced Doctors to give you best expertise who are Internationally trained and has affiliations with various organisations and associations.
  • Absolutely no communication or language problems with any person from any English and Arabic speaking countries faced at our Dental Centres.
  • Located very conveniently near the best Budgeted and 5 star hotels.
  • Complimentary accommodations for certain cases and assistance to all clients.
  • Cost at our practice is just a fraction of the cost you would bear in your country without compromising on the quality and warranty of the treatment rendered.
  • All International Clients will be provided Pick-Up and Drop facility from Airport and Hotel.​
  • Overall, at Dr. Teeth Smile Makers you will get a genuine, value for money and superior dental care.

Procedures India ($) USA ($) UK (£) Stay at the Hospital (in days)
Root Canal $40/tooth $800 £200/tooth OPD/3-4 sittings
Ceramic Crown (Metal Fused) $200/tooth $850 £600/tooth OPD
Dental Extraction $15/tooth $300 £75/tooth OPD
Veneers $200/tooth $800/tooth £400/tooth OPD
Dental Implant $450/Implant $3,500 £2000/implant OPD 2 stages over 3 months
Teeth Whitening $110 $750 £700 OPD 3-4 sittings


1. Why I should opt for dental care in India

India is fast leading to become the top dental tourism destination in the world due to affordable cost and world class dental care.

2. How Mumbai is safe for dental tourism in India

Mumbai dentists are renowned for their international accreditation and membership of international organizations. Mumbai, India is fast emerging as one of the most preferred destination for dental tourism offering patients legitimate, and safe choices.

3. Why does dental treatment cost less in India?

The reason dental treatment cost is less in India is that the cost of living in India is much lower than in most other countries. This means that dental equipment is not very expensive. Renting or buying space for a clinic is also affordable, as is labor. All these factors translate into cost effective service.

4. What language do you speak at you dental clinic

We speak English language to communicate with our patients for easy communication and understanding.

5. What documents do I need to bring along with me?

A valid visa for documentation and your case history for medical and dental treatments done previously. This will help you with a better accommodation and knowing your case.